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“This is the 2nd racking system I've ordered from Wine Racks America and the consistency in quality, fit, and finish is great. I wish I had a bigger cellar to install more! Great people to communicate with and prompt, courteous follow up. I highly recommend them!”

- Mark, Indianapolis, IN

“First, everything arrived as ordered. The quality of the kits is amazing and everything fits together perfectly. We ordered unfinished in grand mahogany and once stained the color we needed, they look amazing. The finished closet will certainly be as expected.”

- Dennis T., Indianapolis, IN

“We ordered the mahogany wine racks. They came quickly and were easy to put together with good instructions. A great solution for wine storage in a closet under stairs and look fantastic and very sturdy. We are very happy. They also added ways to attach the rack to the wall so safe also!”

- Linda, Indianapolis, IN
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Design Process for Custom Indianapolis Wine Cellars

Our wine storage company in Indianapolis covers every detail—from choosing the optimal wine shelf solution to customizing a stunning glass cellar. Our experienced design team is with you every single step of the process.

Wine Cellar Design Steps

Connect. Discuss. Set Goals.

We discuss your goals and welcome your sketches and ideas to create a wine room that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Design and Revise.

We use state-of-the-art technology, including 3D drawings and CAD design software, to map out your Indianapolis wine cellar or wine closet in precise detail.

Build and Ship.

Once we’ve constructed your custom wine cellar, we’ll ship it to you expeditiously for installation. We’ll also be in contact with you throughout the process with status updates.

Install & Fill With Wine. Impress Your Friends. Enjoy.

Whether you hire a professional installer or install your wine rack kit yourself, we’ll guide you along the way to complete your wine storage room.


What are the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for wine storage?

When it comes to storing wine, it's crucial to create the right environment to preserve its quality and taste. In Indianapolis, IN, where the climate can vary greatly, it's important to keep wine in a dark place with a consistent temperature between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of around 70 percent. This can be a challenge, especially in the hot and humid summer months. Investing in a custom wine cellar in Indianapolis with temperature and humidity control is an excellent way to ensure your wine collection is stored correctly.

Should I choose metal or wood wine racks?

You can’t go wrong with either, as both are popular, high-quality materials. It comes down to personal preference and brand aesthetics. Metal wine racks are often thought of as a more modern style, while wood is often viewed as more traditional.

What size wine holders do I need?

The wine bottle size you typically purchase and would like to storage will dictate your wine racking needs. Our wine bottle size chart can assist you in figuring this out.

What type of cooling unit do I need?

The right cooling unit will preserve the optimal temperature and humidity levels for your valuable collection. Your options include thru wall, split and ducted units. We’ll help you determine which one is ideal for your Indianapolis wine cellar.

What are the best places to build a wine rack?

With the right temperature and humidity control, you can place a wine rack just about anywhere. From a wall-mounted wine rack displaying your favorite selections in your dining room to a glass-enclosed wine cellar at the heart of your restaurant, we can work with you to discuss endless wine rack ideas to accommodate your space.

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