Airport Lounge Wine Storage

Airports offer a unique opportunity for bar and restaurant owners. Travel is physically taxing, and layovers can be long and tedious. These stretches of time present the perfect opportunity to cater to weary travelers.

Airport lounges are a welcome refuge. Lounges are the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a glass of wine before a flight. It’s why they’ve become a staple at airports throughout the world.

Travelers today expect an elevated experience, especially members of sky clubs and other VIP travel associations. Impeccable food and service are part of the equation.

But to really draw in customers, you need to create a visually inviting atmosphere. An oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of travel. If you operate an airport lounge wine bar, a wine wall or custom wine cellar can help draw in patrons—and keep them coming back.

Wine Racks America has everything you need for airport wine storage. From simple displays to climate-controlled airport lounge wine cellars, we can help you map out a design that is both stylish and functional.

Airport wine storage doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian. You can protect your wine and ensure it doesn’t spoil prematurely while also creating an eye-catching display. Here are some ideas for airport lounge wine storage:

Glass-Enclosed Wine Locker

Store hundreds of bottles while creating a stylish display for your patrons with a sleek metal wine locker. It’s a secure way to display wine without compromising aesthetics. A glass enclosure elevates the design even more, creating a focal point in your airport lounge or bar.

Modular lockers can be configured to your specifications. Use them to create a 360-degree display that showcases wine from every angle or as accent pieces to safely store valuable wines.

Retail Wine Racks

If you sell wine commercially at your airport lounge or bar, retail wine racks are an ideal solution, as they’re specifically engineered and designed for retail applications.

Freestanding retail racks can be placed anywhere and moved as needed. They don’t require a wall for mounting and can be used to create aisle-ways, improving the flow of traffic in your bar or airport lounge wine cellar.

Wine Wall

wine wall system creates an eye-catching display that is sure to draw in travelers to your airport lounge or bar. VintageView’s modular racking system is sleek and stylish, blending contemporary label-forward design with smart functionality for large or small airport wine storage projects.

Choose from a variety of stackable heights and bottle depths to suit your space. These racking systems scale to any project requirement and can be modified later if your needs change.

Floor-to-Ceiling Display

Create an impressive wine display with floor-to-ceiling wine racks. Ideal for high-traffic areas, floor-to-ceiling racks can be placed almost anywhere, since they aren’t mounted to the wall.

Steel backing frames and rods make it easy to create one-of-a-kind displays, and the modular design offers maximum flexibility. Choose from one-sided or two-sided designs and different rail options. Keep your display secure in a UV-safe glass enclosure, which protects your wine from harmful light exposure.

Floating Bottle Display

If your goal is to create an outstanding display to impress your customers, a floating bottle display is a great way to achieve it. These optical displays create a 360-degree focal point, which is why they’re often placed in the center of a space.

Millesime floating bottle wine racks are designed with a combination of metal and wood parts, perfectly balancing tradition and modernity. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes, a floating bottle display is a versatile airport bar wine storage option.

Wine Shelves

For a more private cellar, consider full-depth wine shelves for your airport lounge or bar with a glass front for added security. With a combination of label-forward and cork-forward storage, wine shelves showcase your best wines while efficiently storing hundreds of bottles.

Modular wine storage compartments show off the labels of prized wine bottles while cradling and protecting every bottle. You can arrange the shelves in different configurations to create a visually interesting display.

How to Properly Store Wine

Even if you rapidly turn over bottles, temperature fluctuations or direct sunlight can cause wine to age prematurely or spoil, even in the short term. Wine should be stored at a constant temperature of 55°F to 60°F with humidity levels of 50% to 70% relative humidity to prevent the corks from drying out.

This is especially important in desert cities, where humidity levels can plummet to well below 20% and even the single digits during the driest months. When wine corks dry out, air can infiltrate the bottle and spoil your wine.

Storing wine horizontally will help keep corks moist, but you may also need to invest in a wine cooling system to maintain higher humidity levels. To ensure you are consistently providing your patrons with the quality they deserve, consider building a climate-controlled airport wine cellar for longer-term storage.

Expert Airport Bar Wine Storage Design Services

Whether you need a single wall rack for a few hundred bottles or a luxurious glass-enclosed wine cellar, Wine Racks America is here to help. We’re one of the nation’s most trusted wine storage experts.

We offer an extensive collection of wine storage solutions from trusted names in the industry, including InstaCellarVintageView, and CellarVue. Our team will help you design a beautiful airport lounge wine wall or modern wine tower for your establishment. 

We help clients across the United States design and build custom wine storage solutions. Whether you need a sleek airport bar wine storage tower to draw in patrons or airport lounge liquor storage for your restaurant or bar, our talented team will help you find the best solution for your needs.

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