Tall Wine Racks

Make good use of vertical space with tall wine racks made of wood, metal, or mixed materials

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Tall Wine Racks

Tall wine racks are an efficient way to store wine. From wall-mounted wood racks to floor-to-ceiling “floating bottle” racks made of metal, Wine Racks America carries everything you need to create a wine room that’s both functional and beautiful. Modular wine racks are ideal for beginner collectors, making it easy to add more racks as your collection grows. Tall and narrow wine racks are also ideal for closet wine storage projects since they make good use of vertical space. We offer a huge variety of tall wine racks, from one-column tall wine racks to multi-column racks in single-, double-, or triple-deep options for maximum storage.

    11 products
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    Tall Wine Rack FAQs

    Which is better: wood or metal racks?

    It really comes down to personal preference. Metal racks are sleek and stylish, while wood racks are earthy and traditional. If your goal is to store as much as possible, wood wine racks are ideal. Metal racks, on the other hand, are often configured with eye-catching label-forward displays with less storage capacity.

    If you love the look of both metal and wood, CellarVue wine racks are a great option. This line of tall floor wine racks blends warm wood and polished metal, for the perfect hybrid design.

    Where can I use tall wine racks?

    You can use tall wine racks virtually anywhere, from the kitchen to a hallway closet to a basement cellar. Tall racks in our collection are typically 75”-80” high. Ceiling heights in most homes range from 96”-120” high (8-10 feet). We offer extenders for InstaCellar and CellarVue, which can add considerable height to these racks, so you can maximize storage.

    Can I use tall wine racks in a closet?

    Yes, tall wine racks can be used in small spaces, even closets. Wine Racks America offers a wide variety of narrow wine racks that are ideal for wine closet conversions.

    Choose from single-column wine to racks up to 10 columns wide. You can configure modular racks together to get the perfect amount of coverage for your space.

    Are tall wine racks easy to install?

    Metal wine racks are designed for easy installation, with straightforward assembly instructions and all necessary hardware. Modular wood wine racks are also relatively easy to install.

    However, depending on how custom you want your wine storage space or wine cellar to be, you may choose to hire a carpenter or wine cellar designer for features like custom wood soffits and moldings, library ladders, and tongue and groove wall paneling.

    Wine Racks America offers a variety of products designed to give your wine storage space a polished appearance, such as corner wine racks and extenders to add height.

    What materials and finishes are available for tall wine racks?

    Wine Racks America offers both wood and metal wine racking systems.

    Wood racks are available in a variety of quality woods, including ponderosa pine, mahogany, redwood, and alder with a variety of stain options, including oak, cherry, walnut, black, and greywash.

    Metal wine racks are available in a variety of finishes, including satin black, brushed nickel, golden bronze, and chrome.