Wooden Freestanding Wine Racks

Standalone Wood Wine Racks

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Wood Freestanding Wine Racks

Our wooden freestanding wine racks come in various sizes, offering versatile solutions for wine enthusiasts and businesses alike. Whether you have a modest collection or a grand assortment, these racks provide stylish storage options while conserving valuable floor space.

    63 products
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    Wood Freestanding Wine Racks FAQs

    How to choose the right freestanding wine rack?

    Choosing the perfect wine rack depends on several factors, including the size of your collection, available space, and personal style preferences. For smaller collections, consider our small wood freestanding wine racks that fit snugly into tight spaces or on top of countertops and tables. If your collection is larger, you may benefit from our larger wooden freestanding racks with multiple tiers.

    How big are freestanding wine racks?

    Our wood freestanding wine racks come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Small freestanding wine racks typically hold a few bottles and are ideal for cozy spaces or beginner wine enthusiasts. On the other hand, our large freestanding wine racks can store dozens or even hundreds of bottles, catering to serious collectors or commercial establishments. The size you choose ultimately depends on the size of your collection and available space.

    Can I get custom freestanding wine racks?

    Yes, we offer custom freestanding wine racks to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a rack to fit into an awkward corner or match a particular decor theme, custom options allow you to personalize every aspect, from size and material to design and finish. Contact our team of Cellar Design Specialists  to discuss your vision and create an ideal solution for your wine storage needs.

    What are freestanding wine racks made of?

    Our Freestanding wine racks are made up of our 4 standard woods, Pine, Knotty Alder, Redwood and Grand Mahogany and can be finished in Stain Clear finish, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black, Burgundy or Greywash stains. These wooden racks blend seamlessly with traditional decor styles and provide excellent insulation to protect your wine bottles.