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Everything you need for commercial wine storage, from wood and metal wine racks to commercial wine coolers, and more.

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    423 products

    Commercial Wine Cellars

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    Commercial Wine Cellar FAQs

    Are wood racks or metal racks better for a commercial wine cellar?

    It really comes down to your budget and preference. Wood wine racks are earthy and traditional, and they tend to hold more bottles in less space, given their cork-forward design.

    Metal wine racks are sleek, stylish, and uncluttered. Their label-forward positioning creates an eye-catching display in upscale establishments. It’s why they’re often preferred for commercial wine displays.

    If you can’t decide between wood and metal racks for your establishment, hybrid racks by CellarVue are a perfect marriage of the two styles. Don’t hesitate to call our expert team for guidance.

    How does the commercial wine cellar design process work?

    The first step in building a custom wine display for your businesses is to understand your needs and goals. Is your goal to store as much wine in as little space as possible or do you want to create a wine cellar to impress customers?

    Once we understand your goals and storage needs, our expert team will get to work on a custom commercial wine cellar design using leading-edge CAD software and 3D drawings.

    Once your design plan is complete, we’ll get to work building your custom wine cellar. Your package will arrive with everything your installer needs to assemble your racking system, and our team is always here to answer any questions.

    How much does it cost to build a commercial wine cellar?

    The cost to build commercial wine storage will depend on a variety of factors, including how many bottles you need to store, whether your cellar is meant for the public, and how much construction is needed to create optimal wine storage conditions.

    The cost of racks varies by type (metal or wood), how the material is finished, and whether you use a modular racking kit or opt for a custom design. If your cellar is for public use, you’ll need to factor in additional expenses for wall and floor treatments, lighting, décor, windows, and a weather-tight cellar door.

    In general, unfinished modular wine rack kits start at around $4-5 a bottle, or about $50-$60 per case of wine. This is the base cost and does not include stains and sealants.

    Do I need a commercial wine cooler for my wine cellar?

    To ensure the consistent quality of your inventory, it’s essential to properly cool the space. Cellared wine should be stored between 45°F and 65°F (depending on the type of wine) with a humidity level of 50%-70% to prevent corks from drying out. You may need to create zones within your cellar to create optimal conditions for different varietals.

    Wine Racks America offers a wide selection of commercial wine cooler units from trusted brands like WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, and CellarPro. Whether you need to store 500 bottles or 50,000, we’ll help you find a cooling solution for your business.

    Do you carry retail wine racks?

    Wine Racks America carries a selection of retail wine racks and commercial wine displays. Choose from a variety of styles and designs, including traditional wood racks, high-reveal displays, and wine bins and cubes.

    For wood wine racks, we offer four premium wood species, including mahogany, redwood, alder, and pine. Choose from a range of stain options to suit your establishment’s décor.

    How many racks should I purchase for my business?

    It depends on your business’s needs. Large liquor stores and wine shops may need an extensive commercial wine display, while a restaurant offering a curated selection of wines to pair with menu offerings may need just one or two commercial wine cabinets.

    We offer wine storage for businesses of every size. Our racks are completely modular, which means they can be combined with additional racks in the same line to create as much storage as you need.