The Ideal Wine Storage and Serving Temperatures

Storing and serving wine at the ideal temperature can completely change your experience with your favorite varietals. Below we’ll cover everything you need to know, from maintaining optimal storage conditions to how long to chill your wine before serving. Let’s start with storage.

What Temperature Should Wine Be Stored At?

Wine storage temperature is one of the most important aspects of your fine wine collection. Luckily, the best temperature to store white wine is similar to the ideal red wine temperature. They both need to be kept at around 55ºF for the best possible conservation and aging.

However, when it comes to discussing wine storage, you also vitally need to consider humidity levels. Unless you already have a well-designed wine cellar, most homes aren’t naturally equipped to maintain the ideal conditions for wine storage.

Consider this—it’s recommended for your optimal comfort within your home to set your thermostat at around 68ºF, and aim for an indoor humidity level between 30 and 50%. This is not, however, optimal for wine!

A wine cooling unit, on the other hand, is calibrated to maintain a consistent temperature of around 55ºF and an ideal humidity level at around 70%—despite the climate and weather conditions you live in. Wine needs stability all year long, and temperatures should not deviate more than 10 degrees up or down.

What Temperature Should Wine Be Served At?

There is a lot of confusion over what temperature to serve wine. What is the best temperature to serve chardonnay? Is it the same ideal pinot grigio serving temperature? And where do red wines fit into all this?

The basics for serving white wine are that if the wine is too cold it can taste muted, and if it’s too hot it can taste flat. For red white, if it’s too cold it can taste overly tannic and acidic, and if it’s too hot it can taste lifeless and alcoholic.

Whether you are serving a full-bodied red or a crisp sparkling, the guide below will give you the ideal serving temperature and chill time if your wine is room temperature.

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Wine Storage and Serving Temperatures Infographic

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