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Incorporating Wine Into Modern Home Design

Wine has been around for many centuries and has a rich history. Wine cellars and wine racks are traditional in a sense, but that doesn’t mean they have to be old-fashioned, dark, and hidden away. Nowadays, wine is used as a statement, a piece of art, and it has never been easier to incorporate wine into your modern style home’s interior.

Wine Racks America offers a comprehensive solution of wine cellars and racks for that modern house aesthetic. Please read below to learn more about the features of a modern wine cellar and how to incorporate them into your modern home.

An Overview of a Modern Home

We’ve mentioned the term modern home again and again, but what exactly is a modern home?

Typically, a modern home aesthetic consists of clean and simple lines. There is a neat simplicity in modern homes that promotes peace and a sense of calm. There is very little ornamentation found inside a modern house that would make it seem chaotic.

One of the biggest features of a modern home is the amount of natural light that is utilized by creating large wall-to-wall windows or skylights, opening the house right up. Kind of like a modern glass wine cellar.

In modern architecture, the goal is to create a home by integrating both interior and exterior spaces, which is ultimately the same outcome that modern wine cellars aim to achieve. This integration of spaces and natural light makes it easy to add modern wine cellars as a statement piece.

Features of a Modern Cellar

Modern wine cellar

A wine cellar is more than just a shelf to hold your favorite drinks. A wine cellar has a lot of features that can really elevate your modern home.

Artwork and Functional

A modern cellar doesn’t just have to be a piece of art, and it is more than just a statement in your home. Modern glass wine cellars look stunning, but they are also excellent at keeping out UV rays if the proper glass is used, and they are also great at thermal efficiency.


Gone are the days of dark wine cellars hidden in the basement; now, modern and contemporary wine cellars can also be used as a showpiece in your home. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on designing your modern wine cellar, so it is only natural that you want to show it off.

Glass and Metal Elements

What makes a wine cellar modern is the use of metal and glass when designing the space. Historically, wine cellars have been made with wood, so metal and glass are a new style of wine cellars that are becoming popular.

Clean and Sleek

Much like the modern house aesthetic, modern wine cellars use a style that is clean and sleek. This is thanks to the use of clear glass and sleek metal.


Modern homes stay away from artificial lighting and darkened rooms, and modern wine cellars are just the same. The clear glass of the wine cellar is an excellent way of creating natural light in the wine cellar, allowing you to see the wine bottles at every angle.


The flooring that is used in modern wine cellars is usually either stone-based tiles or some kind of treated wood that is able to support the weight of the wine racks. Many people tend to favor lighter-colored flooring to enhance the natural light in the home.

Glass-Enclosed Cellars for the Modern Home

One of the most popular choices of wine cellars for the modern home is a glass wine cellar. The reason why glass-enclosed cellars are a popular choice is that the glass creates the illusion of a larger space, looks attractive with natural light, and allows a clear view of the wine.

Metal Racks in the Dining Room or Kitchen

Metal wine rack

You don’t have to build an entire wine cellar to incorporate wine into your modern home. A simple metal wine rack can do just the trick while keeping it simple and sleek. What’s so great about wine racks is that there are plenty of options to choose from.


If you do not have a lot of space, installing a metal wine rack is an excellent way of saving space and keeping your modern home uncluttered.


Freestanding wine racks are a great metal wine storage solution. The polished metal with sleek edges and neat curves is the epitome of modern aesthetics.


Floor-to-ceiling metal racks are a great option if you are wanting to turn your wine display into a statement piece in your home, especially if you have a large collection of wine.

Glass Cellar Doors and Sleek Flooring

One way of incorporating a wine cellar into your modern home is by installing a wine cellar with glass cellar doors and sleek flooring. With the lighting falling on the cool flooring, a limestone tile is a good choice and will create a stunning modern and contemporary effect within your home.

Your Modern Home with Wine Racks America

Wine Racks America understands the need to provide a wine storage solution that can easily be integrated into your modern home. Their range of stunning and UV-resistant glass-enclosed wine cellars with ceiling-to-floor doors and metal wine racks are easy to incorporate into a modern environment.

Not only do we offer modern wine storage solutions, but Wine Racks America also offers our customers reclaimed 19th-century timber wood flooring, which is perfect for sleek flooring. Our team of experts can help bring your wine cellar dreams to life to create the ultimate modern home.

Contact the team at Wine Racks America today at 888-373-6057 to get your free estimate.

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