24 bottle table top wine rack

Best Wine Racks of 2023

Wine enthusiasts know the significance of properly storing their cherished bottles of wine and champagne. A top-notch wine storage rack not only provides protection and organization for your collection but also elevates the appearance of your space. With the right wine cellar racking, you can ensure that your wine bottles are stored at the proper temperature, away from light and dust.

In 2023, the market offers a range of options, including counter wine racks, modular wine racks, wall-mounted wine racks, wooden wine racks, and small wine racks for those with limited space.

With so many options, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Luckily, our comprehensive guide to the best wine racks of 2023 can help you make an informed decision.

Voted Best Overall – 24 Bottle Table Top Wooden Wine Rack

This compact and sturdy wine rack is the perfect solution for maximizing wine storage in small spaces. The solid wood top doubles as a tabletop for your wine accessories or decorative ornaments that complement your space. It also offers a hassle-free expansion that makes increasing the size of your collection and storage space easy.

Metal (Best Overall) – Vintage View Wall Series

Vintage wall wine cellar

VintageView® is the leader in modern label-forward wine-racking designs. Their Wall Series wine racks are functional and stylish, offering a straightforward solution for showcasing wine in homes or businesses. Our VintageView series offers flexible wall-mount racking that can mount to any wall or FTC mounting frame.

Wooden (Best Overall) – InstaCellar 9-Column Display Row Rack

Our Instacellar wooden wine racks are built with the finest materials for long-lasting durability. They showcase nine columns of your favorite wine bottles and all edges are smoothed to prevent nicks and splinters. The display holds up to 135 bottles of wine, making it one of the best wooden wine racks in our selection.

Best Wall Mounted – Helix

wall mounted wine racks

The Helix series offers you a host of options to display your wine. They are perfect for storing almost any size of wine bottle in a modern space. The Helix wine rack can hold your standard, magnum, or champagne bottles in a single left-facing or single right-facing wall-mounted display. Our Helix series is one of the best wall-mounted wine racks available, and they come in three stunning finishes.

Best Large – 10 Column Double Deep Wine Rack

10-column double deep wine rack

Our 10-column double-deep wine rack is perfect for restaurants, bars, or private collectors. This wine rack can hold a total of 360 bottles. You can choose between a softwood or hardwood option, depending on your setting. Their modular feature allows you to expand your wine cellar by adding new racks.

Best Small – 36-Bottle Stackable Wine Rack

36 bottle stackable wine rack

A brand new stylish wine storage solution that allows you to store 36 bottles of wine in a small space, our Living Series features an innovative design with the ability to stack up to six units using wall anchors for stability.

For Beginners – 36-Bottle Stackable Wine Rack

wooden wine rack

Also voted the best small wine storage option, our 36-bottle stackable wine rack is the perfect option if you are new at wine collecting or if you already have a small selection you want to display in a stylish setting. Using minimal space, our stackable design offers you the freedom to add additional stack units to your original unit as your collection grows.

Best Modular – 100-Bottle Deluxe Wine Rack

100 bottle deluxe wine rack

This wooden 100-bottle deluxe wine rack can function as a freestanding wine rack or form part of your wine cellar design. This rack offers solid top and side enclosures so your wine can age properly in a cool, dark environment. It also features an extra deep design so it conceals and supports the entire bottle length.

Best Budget – CellarVue

cellarVue wood wine racks

The CellarVue range is a stunning, modern wine display that has become a clear favorite among collectors that prefer functionality over flair. Featuring an ultra-modern design with clean lines that infuse wood and metal into the kit, this is the perfect option for wine enthusiasts looking to admire the beauty of their cellar. You can even mix and match the CellarVue with the instaCellar™ range for a unique wine storage layout.

Best Commercial – Retail Horizontal Bottle Display

The Retail Horizontal Bottle Display is an outstanding combination rack designed to store bottles of different sizes. Its modern label-forward display can store standard wine bottles, champagne, 1.15L magnum bottles, and any special varietal you have for sale. You can even buy multiple racks to create a wine display wall or combine them with our other retail wine racks.

Why Wine Racks America Has the Best Selection of Kits

Wine Racks America offers a wide range of wine rack kits to meet all your storage needs, whether you are looking for a small wine rack for your home or a commercial-sized wine rack for your business. Our kits are made from high-quality materials, and we offer a variety of styles and designs to suit any décor.

To discover more about the wine racks and storage solutions we have available, look through our website today.