The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles
The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles

The Showcase Wine Rack, Two Bottles

Natural Walnut
Walnut Varnished
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We are so excited to offer this unique Showcase Wine Rack, which orients bottles label up for the ultimate display. The Showcase is perfect for retail wine shops looking to maximize profitability, restaurants trying to create unique ambiance or private collectors just looking for a straight-ahead way to showcase their bottles. Each Millesime wine rack combines high quality steel components with an array of stylish accents that go from warm to ultra modern. Installation just couldn’t be simpler. Just screw the shelf blocks to the steel uprights while the rack is on the ground. Then, stand the whole thing up and voila, with a few screws you’ll be enjoying your fabulous new metal wine display rack.


  • Width: 16 7/8"-120 1/8"
  • Height: 82 1/4"-122"
  • Depth: 2 Bottles
  • Bottle Capacity: 24-250 Bottles
  • Rows: 2

With Millesime, creating amazing looking wine storage has never been easier. With just a few screws, Millesime attaches to your floor and ceiling. Interior designers, contractors and decorators love Millesime for its straight-forward design and simple DIY installation.


Millesime offers unfinished and anodized black telescoping legs which are naturally rust resistant, walnut, stained walnut, and acrylic finishes popular with today’s interior designers, designers, and contractors. These finishes and materials help you enjoy your cellar for a lifetime.


Telescoping anodized aluminum legs are recognized for aluminum’s resistance to rust not to mention they are beautiful to look at. These legs can be either left unfinished or have a black anodized finish added for a custom and beautiful new look.


Want more than just a wine rack? Millesime also offers glassware storage, shelves for carafes or other knickknacks, magnum bottle storage and more. Now is the time to truly create a one-of-a-kind, modern looking wine cellar worthy of displaying your collection.


How does Millesime ship? Due to its unique size and shape, these racks ship LTL freight which means it will arrive on one or more pallets depending on the size of your order. This also helps to prevents damage as every order can be packaged together in a tight bundle.


Installing Millesime racks is a simple process that only requires a few easy steps. First: attach your wine cellar rack elements to the posts in the configuration that fits you. Second: Stand the racks up vertical. Third: attach the floor and ceiling or wall brackets using appropriate hardware for your installation surfaces. Fourth: fill your rack with your favorite wine and enjoy!


Customize your Millesime cellar with our many configuration options to create your one-of-a-kind cellar with display rows, wine shelves, case racks, magnum, and standard bottle storage and more. Make your cellar even more custom by choosing different telescoping leg finishes, wood finishes, or a clear acrylic option.


Millesime’s wine shelves are unique as they can be placed over the horizontal rods so you can change where your shelves are located to mix things up a bit. These shelves are perfect for creating custom in-cellar tasting areas or displaying a magnum bottle or two.

Split 2 3/8″
Bordeaux 2 7/8″
Cabernet 3 1/8"
Burgundy 3 1/4"
Champagne 3 1/2"
Large Pinot
Large Pinot 3 3/4"
Turley 3 9/16"
Magnum 4"

Why You Will Love Millesime Wine Racks

Benefits of Millesime Racks

  • Expandable Heights & Widths: Configurable with 100’s of combinations of height, width, depth and finish
  • Sturdy Construction: Manufactured with professional grade materials
  • Free Shipping: Get free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48
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