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Design Ideals – Some Common Designs

Here are some common design scenarios that we see a lot of. You’ll enjoy seeing other people’s ideas and tweaking them to fit your own needs:

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Sample 1 (Square Room)

Project Name: Meyers Cellar

Bottle Count: 908 bottles

This is a common ‘horseshoe’ layout that makes good use of the room. This design features an elegant wine cellar arch with LED lighting along with a wine case bin underneath.

The cellar racking racking is tied together using our popular curved corner units and integrated crown and floor molding.

Sample 2 (Rectangle Room)

Project Name: Brunacci Cellar

Bottle Count: 772 bottles

This is the second most common room shape we see. There are lots of fun design options for most rectangle-shaped cellars. This cellar features a mixture of wine case racks, bottle display rows, & magnum bottle storage.

Sample 3 (Closet Conversion)

Project Name: Duquette Cellar

Bottle Count: 606 bottles

It is amazing how many bottles can be stored in an average closet space. This closet conversion is a good example of taking simple unused space in your home and converting it into wine storage.

Using Vintage View racks, we were able to help this homeowner remodel his closet from a little-used coat closet into a simple, modern and beautiful wine display.

Sample 4 (Under the Stairs)

Project Name: Crane Cellar

Bottle Count: 300 bottles

This design used our waterfall rack to maximize the use of space underneath a stairway.

Features a mixture of waterfall racking, display row racking, and crown molding.

Sample 5 (“L” Shaped)

Project Name: Carmer Cellar

Bottle Count: 1,186 bottles

Here is a design that stores regular bottles, cases, & magnums in a label-forward, and standard display.

Features our arched stemware rack above a solid diamond cube, tasting table, display row racking, rectangular case bin and quarter round shelf.

Sample 6 (Odd Shaped)

Project Name: Ciffolillo Cellar

Bottle Count: 1,236 bottles

Our modular racking will fit most spaces even tricky ones like this.

This unique half octagonal design features a mixture of custom and modular kit racking, finished with our crown and floor molding, as well a double-deep tasting table with butcher’s block top, and case storage.

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