Nook Modular Metal Wine Racks

Flexible modern wine storage. Fill any NOOK, build any shape™ from large to small wine racks.

Nook Metal Wine Racks

NOOK is a new wine storage system that consists of only two parts that can be built to any size or shape. Perfect for anywhere that space is at a real premium, or as a display piece in any unused nook.

Great for small spaces
Great for small spaces
Easy to assemble & install
Easy Assembly
Secured shipping
Secured Shipping
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    Nook Wine Cellar Design

    Complimentary Design Services

    Looking to design your dream wine cellar? Contact our expert design team who are ready to assist you in creating the ideal wine storage solution for your space and budget.

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    NOOK Frequently Asked Questions

    How many wine bottles can the Nook Wine Racks hold?

    The capacity of the Nook Wine Racks may differ depending on rack size and configuration. Wine Racks America provides a variety of choices for accommodating different bottle quantities.

    Are these wine racks suitable for a small apartment or limited spaces?

    Certainly, Nook Wine Racks frequently incorporate space-saving elements, making them well-suited for apartments and limited storage areas.

    What is the assembly process like for the Nook Wine Racks?

    Assembly of Nook Wine Racks is straightforward, comprising only two pieces that form the entire rack. Detailed instructions and the necessary hardware are provided for effortless setup.